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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tip #100!!! Thank you for Reading!!!

Meet Chrystal, an avid Hip Bargain Chick follower!!   I met her when I spoke to her MOPS group in Spring 2011.  She contacted me a few months later and asked if we could go shopping and could I showcase her for Tip #100... here you go, Chrystal!

When we met to shop in June, she had a 5 month old baby.  She was still breast feeding and trying to lose the baby weight.  Her challenge was to not spend a lot of money and she needed something that wasn't in a sweat pant material :)

The Steps we took...
1.  KNOW WHAT COLORS LOOK GOOD ON YOU!!  Chrystal is a Summer - which means she looks best in bright, vivid colors. Grays are a good neutral color for a Summer as well.
2. UNDERSTAND YOUR BODY!!  Chrystal just had a baby.  She has great legs.  Accentuate the positive, minimize the negative!!  We also determined that a V-neck was her best friend.
3. DETERMINE YOUR STYLE!!  Chrystal knew what she was looking for... a super casual outfit that was great for nursing, but could be dressed up for a date with hubby.

Chrystal's total was $36.02 for 3 shirts. A brilliant blue stripped shirt from Forever21 was $15.54. A bright pink Gap ruffle (ruffles are 'in') was $14.49 and a Gap Red V-neck was $5.99.

Chrystal now had 3 different shirts to wear with khaki's, jeans and shorts.  Changing the shoes and accessories can also change the 'feel' of an outfit.

Thank you Chrystal!  Great Color on you :)

Do you want to know what looks best on you?!?  Contact ME

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tip #99: Hip Bargain Chick Fashion Show!!

You are cordially invited to...
The First Annual 
Hip Bargain Chick Fashion Show!

Learn how to infuse Fall Fashion Trends into your wardrobe on a budget!!!

(Some items will be for sale… Nothing priced over $10!!)

Wednesday, October 5
Seating #1@10am 
Seating #2 @7pm

8274 Shimmering Rock Road, Gainesville

Limited Space!!

Light Refreshments will be served.
$5 Admission.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tip #98: Fall SHOE Fashion 2011... on a budget!

Who doesn't love DSW?!?  

I love the deals I can get on-line at DSW.  
They have a greater selection on-line than in the stores.  If I find a shoe I like on-line, I see if it is the store near me - just in case I want to try it on first.  But, the nice thing about ordering on-line at DSW is you can easily return the shoes to the store AND get bigger discounts!!!

I just ordered Heeled Loafers (a fall trend) from DSW.  To get the most discounts, I did the following:
  1. Click on the Ebates link (to the left of this blog post under the 'TOTAL VISITS' counter).  Ebates gives 8% cash back on everything ordered from DSW, while ShopAtHome only gives 3%.
  2. Join Ebates (if you haven't done so already)... it is FREE!
  3. Search for DSW.
  4. Ebates will bring back all the coupon codes available for DSW at that time.
  5. Click on the coupon you want.
  6. Ebates will automatically open a new window of DSW.
  7. Order your shoes.
  8. DSW ACCEPTS MULTIPLE COUPON CODES!!! Keep on entering discount codes!  If they don't accept one, they may accept another!  For example, the shoes I ordered were on sale, free shipping code, a 10% off code, and double reward points.

The lace-up military boot is a trend.
The buckles are also found on many shoes this fall.

Suede, Lace-up, wedge heel and bootie.
This shoes has 4 of the fall trends in 1 shoe.

Chunk heel, patent leather pump.
God Bless those that can walk in these!

This black wedge shoe shouts comfy
and low on/off maintenance. Any shoe with height will
make you appear thinner!
These are a Hip Bargain Chick 'Everyday Wear" Winner!

Not sure where I would wear these,
but they are cute and trendy!
Wedge, platform, suede, bootie...
can't you see these on Gwen Stefani?
Military Boot with a twist!
Because the entire shoe is on a platform,
 the height difference between
 the heel and the toe is not much...
making it easier to walk in.

LOVE boots.
SO excited for the colder weather.
 These wedge, buckle boots would
look amazing with skinny jeans!

Plaid is back!  Penny Loafer heels are in!
I got myself a pair in black (and not so high).

Are you seeing a theme?!?
I couldn't resist another military
lace-up bootie twist. Adorable.

For those of you who do NOT wear heels.
Stick with a flat penny loafer.
Patent leather makes it extra trendy.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tip #97: What Hair Length is best for YOU!

Should you Go Short?
  • Is Your Hair Straight?  Pixie cuts are most flattering on fine to medium-thick hair that's straight or just a little wavy.
  • Do you have a Round Face with Petite features?  Cropped hair exaggerates an angular face, so a softer shape is ideal.
  • Do you have time for haircuts, but hate blow-drying? You could need a trim as often as every four weeks, but the day-to-day maintenance is minimal.
  • Are you stylish (or wanna be), but no-nonsense?  You want to wear the style, not have it wear you.
Short Hair opens up your face, elongates the neck, and sets off your eyes.

Should you Go Mid-Length?
  • Do you have 'big' hair?  If the answer is 'no', then great.  If you do, this length will require some pouf control, especially if it's curly and all one length.  If you have think, wavy hair, make sure you get plenty of layers (and invest in a good flatiron - I love my Chi!).
  • Do you have an angular face? More than any other length, this works for all face shapes. If you have a square or angular one, layers all over help soften it.  Round or Oval? Try a blunt cut.
  • Are you willing to invest a bit of time in your look?  Most mid-length cuts require some styling to look their best; a quick blow-dry, a dab of cream/gel/gloss and some serum for the ends.
  • Do you like 'playing it safe'? If yes, then this is the length for you.  
Hair that hits under the chin or around the neck is very forgiving; it can easily be adjusted to suit specific features.

Should you Go Long?
  • Does your hair ever fall flat? Then probably not the length for you. Medium-to-thick strands work best with long hair to give it some heft or wave.
  • Is your face more Wide than Long?  Long hair flatters most face shapes. But, if you have an oblong one, do not wear it too long or pin-straight.
  • Do you LOVE playing with your hair? Of course, the pony tail is always an option.  But, to get healthy, beautiful long hair, you must invest some time in conditioning and blow-drying your hair.  
  • Do you feel naked without hair?  Wear it down or wear it up, but have fun.
Hair that falls below your shoulders is so versatile, plus you only need trims every 8-12 weeks.