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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tip #67: How to Layer Bracelets

Layering different bracelets is definitely a style trend for the Spring.

It is not always easy to get the look without looking like Madonna from the '80's.

Tips on how to get it right:

  1. Choose your palette:  Pick a basic color scheme (like gold, black and cream)
  2. Try different textures:  Work in 1 or 2 unexpected pieces... not too many!
  3. Keep it simple:  Stack your bracelets on 1 wrist.  You can add another notice-me touch, like statement shoes, but a mostly minimal outfit lets your bracelets shine.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tip #66: The Perfect Dress for your Body Type

Flatter a Big Bust
Choose a simple sheath to show off an ample chest without revealing too much.
Try dresses with darts that allow extra room in the bust.
Stay away from V-necks, which emphasize the chest.

Slim down the Hips
Draw attention upward
Look for a graphic print that is larger on top.  It creates the illusion that your lower half is smaller.
Elongate your frame with a vertical element, like ruffles or seams.
Try a slight A-line cut, which sculpts a waist but minimizes the hips.
Steer clear of drop-waist styles, which bring focus to the hip area.

Hide a Tummy
Look for a constructed waistline, subtle draping or both.  They can disguise an apple shape.
Try a bold print to help downplay figure flaws.
Shop for classic shirt-dress, which obscures a belly bulge with vertical buttons and a tie belt (at the skinniest part of your waist).
Stay away from fabrics that pull across the midsection.

Balance a Pear Shape
Go for a slight A-line style that's loose around the hips but not too billowy.  An Empire waistline can be flattering, too.
Try a style with full sleeves or contrasting trim.  Both help to offset a heavier bottom.
Avoid tight cuts and clingy fabrics, which accentuate bulges.

Show off Curves
Pick a dress that's semi-fitted, the cut flatters a curvaceous torso.
Try a crossover or sweetheart neckline to tastefully emphasize an ample bust.
Define your middle with a contrasting-color waistband.
Don't hide behind oversize tunics.  Shapeless styles make you look bigger.

Accommodate Long Legs
Soften a boyish figure with a billowy skirt or a diagonal ruffle.
Go bold with large-scale prints.  You can get away with it if you're tall.
Look for a dress cut on the bias.  It can create movement and break up the vertical line.
Avoid minis and pencil skirts, which accentuate your height.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tip #65: UNIQUE Thrift Store

Checked out Unique Thrift Store on Gallows Road in Fairfax/Falls Church area.  CRAZY!!  Don't know what I was thinking to go there on a Saturday.

Anyway.... the store is VERY organized.  Items are bagged, tagged and hanging on hooks.  The clothing section was labeled, but digging is definitely required.

I had my daughter with me, so I didn't buy much.  Summer hats for the girls and a cute, black Ann Taylor purse that had never been used. There is a gingham ribbon around the purse (like a belt) that can be switched out with different color ribbon or leather.

For those Super Saver shoppers out there, every Monday is 25% off everything in the store.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tip #64: The Best Shoe for Thick Ankles

If you have thick ankles and are going to wear a dress or skirt....

Steer clear of straps and other busy designs.  

Opt for a streamlined silhouette in a hue that matches your natural coloring 
(i.e. Choose the right nude for your skin tone.)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tip #63: 2011 Spring Trend Review

  1. BOLD, Bright colors
  2. Floral Prints
  3. Mens Wear (Example, tailored pantsuits)
  4. White
  5. The 70's!
  6. Lace
  7. Sporty (horizontal stripes are everywhere)
  8. Metallics

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tip #62: Help Prevent Jewelry Tarnish

The best way to deal with tarnished jewelry is to try and prevent it altogether. 
Tarnish happens mostly on sterling silver due to air exposure. 

Here are 2 simple ways to help prevent tarnish. 
  1. Place a piece of plain old chalk into your jewelry box. Replace the chalk once a month for full potency. 
  2. You can line your jewelry box with acid free paperstock or use the paper to as earring holders. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tip #61: How To Shop Successfully at Salvation Army

So excited, girls! Hit Salvation Army yesterday for their 25% off day! 

It was teeming with brand names - Cabi, Jones NY, Calvin Klein, Talbots... The list goes on.

5 Pairs of Pants (including Calvin Klein, Jones NY,
Elle, Talbots, NY & Company)
Lane Bryant Sweater (I'm Selling for $10)
Spent $38...
LOVE this Apt. 9 Sweater
with Leggings and Boots
This is me in the fur-collar sweater.

I know I have said this before - the key to shopping resale stores is KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR BEFORE YOU WALK IN!!!! Yesterday I was looking for trendy items like cargo pants, the ever-present black pant (specifically, wide-legged for my body type). Long, chunky sweaters were everywhere. (remember when you are shopping for tops/sweaters know the COLORS to concentrate on... makes digging SOOO much easier).

Need to know what colors you look good in? 
Need help shopping at resale stores?

Contact me at

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tip #60: Trend Alert..... How to Wear Jeggings

Jeggings for Plus-Size
Wear an Empire-style dress as a tunic.  Its high waist draws the eye from problem areas, while the skirt skims just below the hips.

Jeggings for Missy-Size 
(Average proportioned woman who wear even-sized #s... 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14)
A Not-too-clingy tank/shirt in a contrasting color is simple yet bold and shows off your shape.  Length of shirt depends on your shape (pear, apple, boy) and leg-size.

Unless you're a teenage twiggy, don't go skintight head to toe. Opt for blousy pieces on top and keep the leggy look going with a pair of chunk wedge heels.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tip #59: Slash your Cable Bills (without sacrifice)!

The average cable bill in the US is ~$70 per month.  It rises to $100+ per monthly for a package with premium channels and/or DVR. ($8 per month and up): In addition to renting DVDs by mail, you can view programs on your TV via devices (ex. Wii, playstation, iphone).  GREAT alternative to premium movie channels. (($8 per month): Available on your computer, iphone/ipad/itouch,, Blu-ray DVD player, Vizio TV, TiVo Premiere.  Watch every episode of most current-season network shows, plus full-series runs of favorites.  

NETFLIX + HULU + Sidereel + nbc/abc/cw/cbs websites (see Tip #58) and you can get rid of cable for $16 per month!!!!!!