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Monday, January 9, 2012

Tip #112: Is it Dicky, Dickey or Dickie?

Are you wondering what the heck I am talking about?!?!?
Ever wonder how people where a sweater and a white shirt without seeing the bulk of the shirt underneath?  Yes, that's right.... a Dickey!
I was watching the Nate Berkus show today at the gym and saw this fashion tip (from the Fashion Editor at Glamour)... Apperently, a Dickie (also spelled Dicky or Dickey) is the next big thing. 

According to Wikipedia....  Dickey is a type of false shirt. Cloth dickeys simulate many different styles, some often seen examples include dress shirt front and collar, formal frilled shirt front (popular in the mid seventies with powder blue tuxedos) and most commonly in modern times as false sweater fronts. Cloth dickeys can simply be a cut-off collar and/or front of a dress shirt.

So, I did an internet search on Dicky (and Dickey and Dickie.  'Dickie' is also a brand, so be careful.)  It was hard to find them!!! Apparently, Glamour says this is a fashion tip, but the 'popular' stores have not picked up on it yet! 

I found some collared dicky's at for $10. has them for $6.99.  They don't have a top collar button though and I can't speak to the quality of these products. 

Maybe Hip Bargain Chick (and Glamour :)) has found the new 'it' thing and we will soon see them everywhere in the stores!!!... Or maybe not.... I will be buying one :)