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Monday, February 25, 2013

Announcement! Hip Bargain Chick Business Remodel!!

OK, Hip Bargain Chick followers, I have been absent for some time.  I took some time off to deal with the death of my Dad, who died of cancer on November 27, 2012.   It has been quite a journey that has led me to revamp the Hip Bargain Chick business model.

Part of that remodel is the tips presented on this blog.  I want to speak more from the heart and show that I can walk-the-walk AND talk-the-talk.

From now on, the tips will be of actual people wearing outfits that are hip, fashionable and budget-friendly.  I admit, most of the 'actual people' will be of moi, since I spend the most time with myself.  But, hopefully, as word travels, there will be pictures of other people who's lives have been transformed through the power of loving themselves - radiating that through their smiles and clothing choices.

Shirt = found in Stuff Consignments thrift store - $3.00. Belted for proportion.
Skirt = H&M skirt ordered from ebay - $9.99 including shipping.
Necklace = to provide a pop of color and to anchor the outfit at the top.
Boots = Aerosole knee highs bought in the spring time 4 years ago for $19.99.

I apologize for the picture quality.  It will get better, I promise. 

AND you may wonder how I remember prices.... I can't explain it... my brain was wired to remember numbers.  But, ask me to add in my head and I need a calculator.

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